WellthLab –

Our mission is:

To help #makeNormalBetter for all, at scale

Our vision

  • to design interactive technology to help people build the knowledge skills and practice they need to get off that technology and thrive

Our approach

  • to align our designs with how we are wired to thrive not to try to work around that. 
  • to take a human-systems interaction informed approach to our designs, in respect of the many complexities of any human-systems interactions
  • to deliberately consider where and when to use discomfort as a material in a design
  • explore what is the minimal dose of interactive technologies that can help empower people to thrive without that technology
  • challenge any innovation that asserts batteries are required and be reluctant to introduce such computational tech gratuitously 
  • to consider an exit strategy for any technology we develop
  • to consider cost and constraints of deploying at scale – this includes considering age ability accessibility and economics

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